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UWC Red Cross Nordic

UWC Red Cross Nordic College has three pillars: Nordic, Humanitarian and Environmental. All Nordic countries contribute to the funding of the College. The College is a Foundation, with the Red Cross in Norway and Sogn & Fjordane amongst the founders. As part of their Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) programme students take a Red Cross diploma. On campus, sports facilities are shared with Red Cross Haugland Rehabilitation Centre, as a close co-operation partner.

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Three Unique Features

  • Nordic - Public funding from the Nordic countries enables the college to undertake a selection entirely based on merit and potential, creating a learning environment where diversity is truly experienced as a value for all.
  • Humanitarian - The Norwegian Red Cross is one of the founders of the college. In the extra academic programme all students take an extensive red cross diploma, giving knowledge of the humanitarian principles of the organisation and the practical skills associated with them. The College shares campus and co-operate with the Red Cross Haugland Rehabilitation Centre, who also gives access to their training facilities.
  • Environmental - The college emphasises awareness of themes related to sustainability in several subjects and has an action component related to it in several extra academic groups, including co/operation with the region. The certification for Environmental Lighthouse is undertaken with a yearly report.