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UWC Adriatic

The area north of Trieste experienced great bloodshed at the time of World War I and the Second World War brought further political and ethnic divisions to this part of Europe - a meeting place of Germanic, Latin and Slav cultures. By entering this arena of ethnic and historical complexity, UWC Adriatic has embraced an educational role of highly-charged political meaning and stepped into a world of extraordinary cultural diversity. For these very reasons the regional government of Friuli Venezia Giulia and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs backed the project from the outset and remain the College’s main stakeholders.

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Three Unique Features

  • Immersive Italian Experience - Students experience a UWC education while being continuously exposed to the richness and diversity of Italy’s cultural heritage. The college capitalises on its setting at a political, cultural a geographical crossroads in the heart of Europe.
  • Music - Music plays a major role at UWC Adriatic thanks to the presence of an in-house music academy (ICMA) that aims to explore the full range of musical genres and styles from around the world, whilst also bringing professional musicians to the college for masterclasses and performances.
  • A Village, not a Campus - UWC Adriatic is not enclosed in its own campus, rather its residences, academic building, laboratories, etc. are scattered throughout the village. Students are integrated into the lives of the local and surrounding communities through their daily life and weekly social services.