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UWC South East Asia

Opened in 1971 as Singapore International School by then Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew, UWC South East Asia (UWCSEA) became a full member of the UWC movement in 1975, expanding to include Primary students as young as 4 in the 1990s and adding a second campus in 2011. UWCSEA today extends over two campuses, welcoming students from over 100 nationalities to communities of day and boarding students. The multilingual community is enriched each year by an intake of 600-800 new students who join at all grade-levels.

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Three Unique Features


  • Diversity - UWCSEA’s learning program immerses all students in the UWC mission and values. All students are selected for admission based on deliberate diversity, including factors such as culture and life experiences. From the age of 4, the UWCSEA learning program provides an ideal platform for the development of intercultural and interpersonal understanding.
  • Vibrant Location - The city-state of Singapore, with its small size and central location as a global hub in Asia, provides opportunities for students to become immersed in the Singaporean community on their doorstep while connecting to communities in surrounding countries throughout Asia.
  • K-12 concept-based curriculum -  Four of our five elements in the UWCSEA learning programme - Academics, Outdoor Education, Personal and Social Education and Service - have an articulated curriculum from K1 to Grade 12, leading learners through an intentional, holistic education programme based on interdisciplinary and experiential learning approaches that lead to the IBDP.