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UWC Maastricht

UWC Maastricht is a multicultural school that hosts students from more than 100 different nationalities. It operates within the Dutch public educational system and is subsidized by the Dutch government. The school is formed to serve both the needs of the Maastricht international community and the students chosen by UWC national committees all over the world. UWC Maastricht welcomes students between the ages of 4 and 19.

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Three Unique Features

  • Primary and secondary school, day and residential students, Diploma Programme and Career-related Programme - UWC Maastricht hosts more than 900  international students, ranging from age 4 till age 19. The majority of them live with their families in the region. 200 residential IBDP and IBCP students live on campus.
  • Social Impact Programme - UWC Maastricht has designed a social impact programme including action-oriented courses, social entrepreneurship, student-led conferences and community service projects. The students develop the skills and attitudes needed to be active participants in society, to identify problems and injustices wherever they exist. 
  • Location - UWC Maastricht campus is located in a very green and leafy part of Maastricht, close to the city centre and close to the German and Belgian border.  The city of Maastricht belongs to the top of Dutch destinations for international visitors and tourists alike. It has an open, multilingual, and innovative society, full of vitality.