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UWC Mahindra College

It all began in 1997 with the generous gift of land and building infrastructure by Harish Mahindra of the world-renowned Mahindra & Mahindra Group. UWC Mahindra, or MUWCI (pronounced “myoo-ki”) as it is more informally known, is a vibrant college with a rich tradition of curricular innovation and community engagement. Programmes such as the IB’s World Studies Extended Essay and the Film Studies programme were conceived and piloted here. The college also houses the Akshara Foundation, which enhances the positive local impact of the college and provides students with numerous opportunities for project-based and service learning.

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Three Unique Features

  • Curricular richness (MUWCI Core and Project-based Certificate) - UWC Mahindra is known as a place of curricular innovation, and several programs conceived here have been incorporated into the global International Baccalaureate curriculum. For the last few years, MUWCI has developed its own curriculum called MUWCI Core, which comprises the four essential pillars of learning - social and emotional, outdoor and ecological, place-based and contextual, and political. MUWCI also offers an exciting opportunity for real-world and project-based learning through the Project Based Certificate.
  • Student-led initiatives - Students are active in most decision-making processes that affect campus life, such as envisioning and executing resource management initiatives on campus and in the neighbouring villages. Extensive student involvement also results in student projects that turn into long upheld traditions, such as the Community Fund and the annual Theatre Season, during which students direct and participate in several plays performed around campus over a fortnight in February.
  • Indian context - At MUWCI, students not only benefit from a diverse classroom with peers from over 60 countries, but also from the linguistic and cultural diversity of the surrounding valley and India at large. Context-building courses such as ‘This is India’ and ‘Global Affairs’ help students engage with this privilege and the rare opportunities it bestows on a regular basis, and during Project Week and Travel Week, students have short immersive experiences in various other parts of the country.