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ISAK Japan


UWC ISAK Japan admitted the first generation of UWC students in autumn 2017. UWC ISAK Japan founder, Ms Lin Kobayashi, discovered her passion for global education while attending Pearson College UWC in Canada. This inspired her to found ISAK, which opened its doors in 2014 to educate young leaders from around the globe who would be catalysts for positive change.

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Three Unique Features

  • Leadership Program - Through an innovative leadership program, which combines the practice of mindful self-discipline and design innovation, students discover what is most important to them as they work to become catalysts for positive change. Leadership practice is integrated into all aspects of life including academics, co-curricular, and the residential experience.
  • Student-led Approach - Student autonomy is emphasized and encouraged. Students are empowered to start and lead clubs, plan activities and campus events, and establish and maintain policies surrounding dorm life.
  • Japanese Language & Culture - In addition to the opportunity to study Japanese language, regular outings and excursions give students opportunities to explore Japanese culture, history and traditions. Students can learn the art of Japanese flower arranging and attend a tea ceremony; visit castles, hot springs, temples, and shrines; join in the fun at local festivals and performances; visit museums, plan a homestay, and more!