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UWC Mostar

UWC Mostar is the only UWC college built into a post-conflict country with the mission of "building bridges between people and cultures through inspiring, quality education". From the start, it has had the special purpose of contributing to the peacebuilding process and the development of the city of Mostar and of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and aims to develop educational practices relevant for post-conflict and transitional societies. Through active local partnerships, UWC Mostar offers a practical demonstration of how education can unite, inspire and engage students and the wider community to strive for a peaceful and sustainable future.

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Three Unique Features

  • UWC Mostar is the first UWC with an explicit aim to contribute to the reconstruction of a post-conflict society - The College educates students to learn and appreciate their differences, at the same time promoting equality, tolerance and critical thinking.
  • Local Community - The interaction of students with the local community is the essence of UWC Mostar. Annually students and staff organize projects and events open for the Mostar community and wider.
  • Foundation Education in Action - UWC Mostar was established by the Foundation Education in Action, which aims to become a reference point for educational reform in the country and provide high quality teacher training with a specific focus on objective external assessment, curricular innovations and innovative learning methods.