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UWC Thailand

Encircled by virgin rainforest, UWC Thailand sits nestled in the foothills of Phuket’s green-capped mountains, away from the island’s busy city centres. Our unique location is both symbolic and intentional; a physical reminder that in addition to academic rigour, the UWC Thailand community values global citizenship, wellness, and environmental stewardship. From monitoring coral reefs to embedding positively focused mindfulness, the betterment of our students, our community, and our planet are at the centre of everything we do.

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Three Unique Features

UWC Thailand aims to realise the UWC mission by delivering a mindful, diverse education underpinned by its belief in the connection between a “Good Heart, Balanced Mind, and Healthy Body”. 

  • Good Heart - UWC Thailand integrates Social Emotional Learning and Mindfulness into its curriculum, providing each of its community members support in developing key life skills, including self-awareness and management, social awareness and effectiveness, and approaching work in an ethical and effective manner.
  • Balanced Mind - UWC Thailand has a deep commitment to experiential learning, and to making learning engaging and meaningful for all. Through a scaffold of activities and experiences that allow for skill development and eventual mastery; our students learn to challenge themselves from their first days in nursery all the way to DP exams. Through rigorous academics,  outdoor education, after school activities, extended essay research, and planning a week-long service project, each year our students realise what we know already: they are capable of much more than they think.
  • Healthy Body - Being adjacent to Thanyapura, Asia’s largest sports and wellness resort, means our students (and their parents) enjoy access to incredible sports and wellness facilities. Thanyapura features four swimming pools, six tennis courts, a running track with a full-size rugby field, gyms, fitness studios and a mindfulness centre. As an athlete-friendly school and a member of the World Academy of Sport, our student athletes are able to balance elite-level swim and triathlon training at Thanyapura with a world-class education, supported by teachers and coaches alike.